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News - July 9, 2014

Police Calls

Police received the reports on the date shown.


Theft report: Someone in a white pickup truck used tools to remove and steal a license-plate-reading camera from the campus of Canada College at 4200 Farm Hill Blvd. June 23.

Residential burglary report: Someone broke into a residence on Still Creek Road and rummaged through dresser drawers in the master bedroom but took nothing. June 26.


Residential burglary reports:

• Someone broke the glass of an exterior door to the master bedroom of a Golden Oak Drive home and stole a floor safe. Estimated loss: $26,500. June 28.

• A rear window into the master bedroom of a home on Escobar Road was found broken, with indicators that the bedroom had been rummaged through. It wasn't clear if anything was taken. June 24.

• Someone entered a residence on Favonia Road via an unlocked door and rummaged through several rooms, taking three items. Investigators have a vehicle description and a partial license plate number. Estimated loss: $620. June 24.

• A house cleaner said bedrooms had been ransacked in a home on Oak Forest Court. The burglar entered by smashing a window in the door to the master bedroom. Deputies did not find fingerprints and the list of stolen property was not available. June 27.

Theft report: Someone stole power tools, an Apple iPad and a camera from an unlocked shed on a Ramosa Road property. Estimated loss: $1,850. June 28.


Forgery report: A resident of N. Castanya Way reported that someone stole checks from an unlocked vehicle and cashed one in Yuba City, California. June 27.


Auto burglary reports:

• Someone smashed a rear window of a vehicle parked on Sharon Park Drive and stole a bicycle from the back seat. Estimated loss: $600. June 25.

• A backpack was stolen after someone broke into a vehicle parked in the 1800 block of El Camino Real. Estimated loss: $200. July 1.

• Someone broke into a vehicle parked in the 1300 block of El Camino Real, but stole nothing. July 1.

Theft reports:

• Exercise equipment was stolen from a parking lot at Sparta Performance Science at 165 Constitution Drive. Estimated loss: $18,000. June 23.

• Someone broke into a Santa Monica Avenue garage via a rear door, then entered the residence through an unlocked door and stole a saw for cutting tile and stone, a laser and other tools. Estimated loss: $1,297. June 26.

• A woman having dinner at Piccolo Ristorante Italiano at 651 Oak Grove Ave. had her wallet stolen from her table. June 25.

• Police stopped an East Palo Alto man at Alma Street and Oak Grove Avenue for riding a bicycle at night without a headlight, then detained and booked him into jail after verifying that the bicycle belonged to Google Corp. in Mountain View. June 27.

• Someone stole a locked bike from the Caltrain station on Merrill Street. Estimated loss: $300. July 1.

• A bike locked to a bike rack at the Caltrain station on Merrill Street was stolen after the lock was cut. Estimated loss: $150. June 25.

• A customer at the Safeway supermarket at 525 El Camino Real put baby formula into a purse, left the store without having paid for the formula, and fled in a waiting vehicle. Estimated loss: $53. June 23.

• Two juveniles stole, then returned, two permanent markers from Menlo Park Hardware at 700 Santa Cruz Ave. They were let go with a warning. June 24.

Fraud reports:

• Management at the Red Cottage Inn at 1704 El Camino Real was informed by Expedia.com that a fraudulent credit card had been used to rent a room. The occupant left after saying that a friend had rented the room for him. June 30.

• Pumps at the Chevron gas station at 1399 Willow Road had been tampered with and were pumping unaccounted amounts of free gasoline. June 23.

• A resident of Partridge Avenue reported that someone filed 2013 income taxes using the resident's personal information.

Stolen vehicle report: Someone stole a silver 2014 Nissan Versa from a residence on Hermosa Way. July 3.


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