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Atherton is unfair. Back of the bus please.

Original post made by Colleen Anderson, Atherton: West Atherton, on Oct 28, 2010

We went to planning again tonight. I am just heart sick over the results. Four to two year depending on where you are standing. Please don't ever wonder why our town is being sued so much. Chances are we had a big part to play in it, and we were wrong. What is killing me is my husband and I both love this town, and never want to see it sued, As Carol said "Sometime it goes on so long you don't have a choice. "
There are 28 home in all of Atherton with a second story restriction of 500 square feet. Out of those 28 homes some have a different set of rules. The rest of the homes have NO second story restriction. Just us. So unfair. The other homes with comparable size lots are R1B. We are in R1A. Our front set backs are the largest in Atherton 70 feet. This town/ all of you have brought us more joy then we ever could have believed possible. However our planning department is a different story. I am heart sick at how they feel.
Again we have 2,333 home in Atherton. 28 Have a second story restriction. Out of those 28 homes some have different set backs. How is that fair.
What happened to our town. How is this fair. In 1988 we could build 3,900 square feet. Now we can build 2,250 square feet with one of 28 homes having a second story restriction of 500 square feet. I am feeling like the black man that that couldn't ride the bus. The new proposal form the planning commission lets us ride the bus but we need to sit in the back. Last time I checked the blacks have fairness to ride the busses. I can only hope the town sees what is fair.
Paul on planning told me directly when figuring out the general plan they didn't take into consideration the smaller lots. Hello last time I checked we paid taxes as well. The HSR goes in an poof there goes property values what about mine. They don't seem to care about ours, but they do care about the HSR's. So unfair.
I want you all to know I thank you for all your letters of support. If they are basting there decision on how a street feels then please consider going street by street in Atherton. If they base it on what is fair for similar size lots then you don't have a prayer. Planning based there decision on majority vote that was 8 people two people signed twice because they owned two homes out of 20. So if this passes, because of there decision please go block to block, street to street, and decide what you want. Not what is fair to the general plan to Atherton. Use Parker Ave as an example. We love our town and don't want to see that happen. I know for a fact that is the case with Jon Buckheit 10,000,000 million dollar law suite & Kimberly 10,000,000 law suit. Where did we miss the mark. I am sorry, but what other town has 20,000,000 (twenty million dollars) in law suites currently pending that is sad. Both parties were willing to work with us and settle before it got to this point.
I am sure from what I understand there are more law suites waiting in the wings. 20,000,000 ( 20 million ) is just the beginning. How did we get here. Better yet were are we going. This is our town that both my husband and I love with all our hearts. This makes me sick. How do you have 28 homes out of 2,333 homes have different rules. BACK OF THE BUS . We have a black an for president, but some Atherton residents still have to ride in the back of the bus. I think that just about says it all when comparable lots have a different set of rules than others. Most of all how can you have in an entire town different rules for 28 homes VS. 2,333. HELLO.
We should be straight R1B comparable size lots 7,800 square feet. For a one acre lot we can fit 5.5 lots. Not homes just lots. I am speaking from the side walk, because we are not even allow on the bus yet. My butt maybe big, but I am speaking for all of us that have been treated unfairly.
Please feel free to call me. If you haven't felt heard. I care. I care about all of you , and this town.

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Posted by Caroline
a resident of Menlo Park: Central Menlo Park
on Oct 28, 2010 at 5:26 pm

I have no knowledge of the actions on your permit. However, I would like to say that comparing your situation to the situation of African Americans forced to ride in the back of buses shows a lack of perspective. Please, remember, that you still have so many more rights and freedoms than African Americans did back then.

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