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We get the kind of government that we deserve

Original post made by Peter Carpenter, Atherton: Lindenwood, on Apr 15, 2010

The good citizens of Atherton are going to soon have to make some very difficult decisions about taking back citizen control of our Town.

In a democracy we get exactly the kind of government that we deserve and unless good citizens rise to the call we will continue to see a dysfunctional Town Council unable to deal with the immense challenges which our Town faces.

Who will step up and run for the three seats on the Council that will be on the ballot, assuming that more than three people even file as candidates, this Fall? Who will apply to serve on the Finance Committee?

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Posted by Sentry
a resident of Atherton: other
on Apr 15, 2010 at 3:29 pm

The good news is that
A few lonely and beleaguered soul survivors have endured long enough, finally to be heard at least in unison-- a singular Clarion Call made of many stifled voices hitting the same note--suddenly audible. A hearken!

The press begins to notice a new rhythm emerging from behind the usual noise. The pulse quickens. Inquiring minds awaken--refreshed--remembering why their attention matters.
Courage becomes the contagion. Apathy dies. The cycle begins again.

A rare moment --and hard fought for you.

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Posted by just a thought
a resident of another community
on Apr 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Mr. Carpenter could not have summarized the key issue more succinctly.

The key is actualization.

In the absence of the inspiration of decent people to actualize and require decency in government, others more motivated powers will emerge to take the place of that which decency desires.

Goodness must be done to have any meaning, and it must executed with an aggressiveness that is equal to or superior to those who would bully, violate and abuse both the powers of their office and the lives of citizens.

Our system awaits your participation.

My personal position has always been that I am not attached to the will of the people being exercised through the system in any particular manner or agenda, but I rebel against the suppression of information regarding the conduct of public officials which revelation prevents the true exercise of the will of an informed electorate.

This is, always has been, and shall remain, the key underlying issue.

There is an enormous amount of information that has not yet been publicly revealed, and it is this that parties across the board fear more than anything.

There is a Troll in the cellar.


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Posted by John P. Johns, CPA
a resident of another community
on Apr 16, 2010 at 9:38 am

After the passing of Bill Conwell, Jerry Carlson was one of many distinguished residents who interviewed for the position of City Council.

Mr. Carlson brought with him a long list of accomplishments, including Controller of Hewlett Packard, several years of service on the Audit Committee and at the time, President of the ACIL.

When Mr. Carlson interviewed with the Council, he said two things that revealed his duplicitous and solicitous nature . He told the Council that he would resign as president of the ACIL and that he would have no plans to run in the future for City Council.

It is worth noting that Jerry Carlson didn't just say he would resign from the ACIL, he said getting on the Council just might be his "exit strategy from the ACIL".

In portraying his elevation to the Council as an escape of sorts, Mr. Carlson was patronizing the City Council. The City Council thought of the ACIL was, as a mere burden and certainly not one in which a member of the Council should have any prominent position in.

Shortly after being appointed to Council, Mr. Carlson reversed himself and decided to run for Council.

Whether Mr. Carlson lied to the City Council about his future plans or changed his mind, we will never know. However what has been clear as a result of Mr. Carlson's behavior on the City Council is that he has become well practiced in the art of concealing his true beliefs and intentions.

Mr. Carlson has shown to be an unreliable ally to those who had counted on him to act in the best interests of the community. [Portion removed]

Mr. Carlson tells people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to know. Mr. Carlson's preponderance to do so was on display at the City Council session of April 7th, when he complained bitterly about having looked bad by not attending a meeting, blaming the scheduling snafu on City staff and when he gave Marsala a free pass for soliciting a bribe (er loan).

Mr. Peter Carpenter in another post has said that Atherton gets what it deserves. I submit that Atherton is deserves better, much better, than a man like Jerry Carlson on the City Council.

Atherton deserves a man or woman who will speak plainly, who will speak honestly and one whom the electorate can count on to be an ally in the war against public corruption and in the fight for efficient and transparent government.

Tell Jerry Carlson that you as the electorate in Atherton would prefer that he honor his word once and for all. Tell him that you would prefer that he follow through on his commitment of years ago not to run for Council.

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Posted by citizens arrest
a resident of Atherton: other
on Apr 20, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Does anyone know how the mayor is doing with her freedom of information act request on behalf of the residents, for release of the city attorney's secret legal finding on Charles Marsala???? Ms. Furth had refused to release it and had forbidden the council to reveal its contents. Ms. McKiethen announced at the Marsala ethics hearing that she had filed the request on the publics behalf.
The legal response time is ten days from a written request submission, so there should be a formal response by about now from Ms Furth.......its been 2 weeks already.

Also what was in the supporting documents, for the assertions made by Mr. Johns about Mr. Marsala, that Mr Johns supplied, and asked to be distributed at that same ethics hearing, but which were highjacked instead by Ms Lewis and never delivered?
Could the Almanac be asking these questions or getting these answers---it seems like we never get to hear the end of any story thread before a new one is started.
Please Almanac--at least indicate your frustration in print, if you have tried ---but only been given the run around --so that we know at least that you are trying.

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