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Wishing Jon Buckheit the Best

Original post made by John P Johns, another community, on Apr 7, 2012

Jon Buckheit's lawsuit may have been decided for now on summary judgment.

However, I encourage him to continue the fight.

I will remind readers of this post that I was the victim of the same kind of treatment Mr. Buckheit was subject to.

An Atherton Police Department React Task Force agent performed forensics on my computer and shared the fruits of that illegal search with Wende Protzman. I will not name him in this post, but he knows who he is. We all know who he is.

This is the kind of police department that patrols the streets of Atherton.

How can Atherton have law and order if those who enforce the law are not obligated to abide by it, nor see any reason to?

My allegation against the un-named but well known REACT agent is not a groundless anonymous personal attack. It is an allegation against the man who probably wishes and hopes he will someday become Chief, it is a matter of public record and it is the subject of a criminal complaint I leveled against him with the District Attorney. It is an allegation that I signed personally under threat of criminal prosecution.

I will remind readers that I did not win my lawsuit against the town until after I lost not once but twice. Before my victory, I suffered two humiliating defeats, three if one counts my termination.

My criminal complaint against this REACT agent went nowhere, proof that justice is not blind in San Mateo County.

If the man whom I speak of by some misguided decision of the powers that be in Atherton does become Chief, it will be because the town and he deserve one another.

I think Jon Buckheit and Kathy McKeithen are the last hope for Atherton. It is as though there are two decent people and if one of them leaves, Atherton will share the same fate as Soddom or Gomorrah albeit not as dramatic or explicit.

There are some politically correct folks (one who's initials are PC) who speak of the need for reform, but they aren't fit to carry Mr. Buckheit's shoes. They won't save the town, because they are too busy preserving their own reputations and relationships.

Atherton's hopes are with those who have the courage and fortitude to stand up to the chronic abuse of power that the Atherton Police Department exercises with impunity.

Congratulations to DeVlught and his cronies. They have won this round. Their victory may smell sweet to them. To me the odor permeates as though it were an unattended sewer backup.

The Atherton PD's victory I sense will be short lived, because Mr. Buckheit is a man of resolve and a man who has been underestimated.

Mr. Buckheit has my never ending support and admiration. I have faith that he will prevail, despite this recent setback.

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Posted by Blue
a resident of Menlo Park: Fair Oaks
on Apr 8, 2012 at 8:24 am

Mr. Johns,

Winning a lawsuit normally means a judge or jury decided in your favor. Didn't three members of the council vote to give you about $250,000 rather than go to trial.

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Posted by Peter Carpenter
a resident of Atherton: Lindenwood
on Apr 8, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Peter Carpenter is a registered user.

I also thank Jon for his willingness to challenge his treatment.

Justice system is often not about right or wrong or truth but rather how a particular person views the situation. The system will be better because people like Jon challenge what they think is unjust.

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