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Scottsdale group want input from MP on problems, issues with "Jan Dolan traffic calming measures"

Original post made by George Knowlton, another community, on Oct 26, 2006

In Scottsdale Arizona, the citizens are revolting against a mass traffic calming program initiated and heavily pushed by former Menlo Park city manager Jan Dolan and perpetuated in kind by our Scottsdale Transportation director, Mary O’Connor.
As our City Manager, Jan Dolan has brought the same aggressive traffic calming agenda to Scottsdale that she apparently had in Menlo Park, which is considerably smaller in both population and size than Scottsdale. Dolan’s plan is destroying our community with traffic circles, roundabouts, and street furniture on minor and semi major arterials rather than purely residential areas which we’re finding is inevitably congesting traffic far more than relieving it. Their impetus is to get the residents out of their cars and into mass transit (an oxymoron in itself) which may include exorbitantly costly light rail which Scottsdale citizens vigorously oppose.
If anyone in Menlo Park would care to discuss issues or problems, be they economical or tactical, pro or con, that Ms. Dolan's traffic calming caused in your city, including how many of these traffic calming objects she ordered installed have been since removed, we would be very grateful for the input. Please send your comments to: .
A  Scottsdale citizen production team will be doing interviews with Menlo Park residents, council members, and transportation department personnel concerning traffic calming in your city in mid to late November and we welcome your input to try and get to the bottom of traffic calming, be it good or bad.
Thank you for your time.
George Knowlton is editor of the Scottsdale Activist Scottsdale AZ   480-326-2475


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Posted by Civics 101
a resident of Menlo Park: University Heights
on Oct 27, 2006 at 11:42 am

City managers do what the City Council tells them to do. City managers do not create policy, write the laws, or decide to force a town to install traffic circles.

Individual neighborhoods, such as the Willows, voted on whether to install traffic calming devices. The City Council gave neighborhoods the authority to make the choice, and then directed city staff to work with them to put the plan in place.

Here in California, municipal governments are run according to the principles of democracy. If Scottsdale has created a city government where the city manager acts as dictator, the good citizens may want to contact the ACLU for help, as I'm pretty sure that's unconstitutional.