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California Pops Orchestra inargural event

Original post made by nicole patton, Atherton: other, on May 29, 2007

The special inaugural event of the California Pops Orchestra (A Broadway Evening and DInner, introducing the Ca Pops Orchestra...formerly the Peninsula Pops Ochestra) that happened at the Menlo Circus Club this spring was so well received and was quite a magical night to remember. The 60 member Palo Alto-based orchestra was headed up by Conductor Kim Venaas. It is the only exclusive Pops Orchestra in Northern Ca. Kim played wonderful Broadway tunes in addition to numbers that had never been played before. He spoke before each piece giving the inside scoop on how the song was inspired or some fun fact we may not have known about. The show was so well received that the audience gave a warm standing ovation and followed by a enthusiastic encore. It was an evening to remember by all attended.

The evening was orchesrated by the new Cal. Pops Orchestra Auxiliary, headed up by Pat Gregory and with committee members, Dolly Shalvoy, Dorthea Nawas, Barabara Glynn, Susan Douglass, Heidi Kennedy,Kris Forbes, Joann Holder, Margie Madding,Catherine Carlson, Claudia Marshall and Nicole Patton.

In the photo are:
Alicia Wilmunder (wife of Conductor)
Kim Venaas (Conductor)
Shirley Ely
Leonard Ely