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Art Under the Redwoods on Labor Day Weekend

Original post made by Chris at Quiver, Woodside: Kings Mountain/Skyline, on Aug 13, 2007

You probably glance up at the ridgeline above the peninsula every day, the very blue sky over a mass of treetops, Windy Hill all golden grass. Has it been awhile since you've ventured up one of the winding roads, peering precipitously down with each curve into shady, wooded canyons?

If you're in town Labor Day weekend, this could be the right time to drive up. The Kings Mountain Art Fair offers fine art, compelling craft work, and even breakfast with the artists if you arrive early at 8am. (Peet's will be served.)
Apart from that, it's 10am-5pm. Consider making a day of it - there are many trailheads just minutes from the art fair and a number of local restaurants for a beer on a sunny patio or a fireside dinner in the cool evening. From 11:30 on, there will be burgers, wine, beer, and other food available onsite. If you have kids, the art fair offers a supervised play area where volunteers lead activities to allow you to have a bit of a wander through the art on your own.

The Kings Mountain Art Fair, in its 44th year, is both a serious art event and a very community-oriented one. It's ranked by the Harris List in their Top Ten of the western U.S., and the artists are selected by jury at a rate of one in 10 applicants. The proceeds benefit the volunteer fire brigade which responds to fires, weather hazards, and emergency calls from people who come up year-round to hike, bike, and motorcycle. The fair itself is run and staffed by all local volunteers. And to complete the feeling of "local" there are 25 local-to-the-mountain artists exhibiting among the 160 total.

Put it on your calendar! Event admission is free. Web Link