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Letter: Surprised by tone of Phillips Brooks story

Original post made by Editor, The Almanac Online, Menlo Park: University Heights, on Sep 30, 2007

This letter was published in the Sept. 26, 2007, issue of the Almanac.
I am somewhat surprised by the tenor of the article about the purchase of land by Phillips Brooks School and the reaction of those interviewed. Phillips Brooks has been educating children since 1978 and from all accounts is doing an admirable job of it.
The school is in need of a campus to meet its long-term goal of continuing to educate children, plain and simple. The lack of support by any community towards that goal is mind-boggling to me.
The suspicious nature of the woman interviewed is insulting, mean-spirited and ignorant in my view. Her conclusion that the school was "sneaky" because she was approached by Realtors suggesting that someone was interested in her property has no support in fact. I would have thought that in an area of enormous wealth, a highly educated and enlightened populace would make it a priority to support educating children to make the world a better place. What a disappointment.
Michael Corwin, Shasta Lane, Menlo Park