Town Square

Thanksgiving Day

Original post made by Jim Lewis, Menlo Park: Downtown, on Nov 17, 2007

As the national day of Thanksgiving is only a few days away, it may be a good time to pause for a moment to say thanks for the many blessings we so richly receive in this community, such as the following:

1) I am deeply thankful for the right of "freedom of speech", for columns like this one whereby citizens may express, pro and con, their thoughts on community issues and other topics of the day.

2) I am deeply thankful for the hard working and often times significantly under appreciated elected and appointed officials who represent our interests at countless meetings, often late into the night, doing their best to preserve and protect our quality of life.

3) I am deeply thankful for the hard working staff of the City of Menlo Park, the staff and board members of the Fire District, Sanitary District and the three School Districts for all they are and all they do - for so many who do their best to preserve, protect and enhance our quality of life.

4) I am deeply thankful for Thanksgiving Day itself. Not only because of the abuntant amount of food, but because it reminds me to be thankful, that is, thankful for family and friends, thankful for life itself and thankful for the many other blessings we share.

5) They say you should "count your blessings", but frankly, I have too many blessings to count.

This column often has topics to debate. For this week however, I'd like to set that aside and look for the goodness in life, embrace and praise the good deeds of the leaders in our community and express sincerely, profoundly and deeply, with gratitude and genuine appreciation, two simple words, and they are, "thank you."