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National Compliment Club, Local Chapter

Original post made by Glass Half Full, Menlo Park: Park Forest, on Jul 18, 2008

Perhaps its time and long overdue for a local chapter of the National Compliment Club to be started. Think how refreshing it may be to find, at least once a day, something to be positive, upbeat, empathetic, encouraging, supporitive and overall just plain complimentary.

How often do you hear the words "thank you", or "job well done", or a letter, email, fax or IM signed "appreciatively"? Think how refreshing it may be to read in this column, or better yet, hear on the street, somebody, anybody, saying "good job".

Who knows, it might be contageous. A good word to one person may spread. Thumbs up, as the expression goes. Even a simple smile can sometimes get miles of benefit when expressed to the right person.

What is the American culture all about? To me, a fundamental value is "courtesy and respect." Ways of expressing this can be in many forms. I will try at least once a day to find something or someone to say "thank you". My hunch is, over time, it will become easier and before long may find its way into two or more expressions of good will.

There are many unsung hero's out there, many who deserve a pat on the back, a kudo and a compliment. Are you one of them? If so, allow me to say "thank you."