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Original post made by R.GORDON, another community, on May 29, 2010

After contacting MANY investigators and news agencies, the fact that when the courts decided NOT to return the heart of the young man (23) to be buried along with the rest of his body, and the coroner was permitted to keep it "and study it" was and is so outlandish, that if this isn't reopened, it will be done.
Those who think of me as a "conspiracy theorist" haven't a clue how much money this industry of selling human body parts to multimillionairs on waiting lists, and the poor who are lined up and given a short death sentence unless an organ does come in.
This mother, by the name of Cuela, was treated poorly and obviously did not have the clout to deal with the coroner's office.
To say that there is "no corruption" possible again, here in death valley II, shows what the rich or affluent think of the working classes of which the young victim belonged.
Stanford does not specialize in heart transplants, but the young man's heart could easily have been flown to Texas to the De Bakey clinic and put in a receiver's chest.
I know a LOT about this because a friend, director Robert Altman, with his prestige, had to have a heart transplant and waited years before finally receiving his. He DID not nor WOULD NOT jump to the head of the line over the others ahead of him.
Somehow, I do not believe that many people around here, have his unbelievable ethics. Sadly, he died a few years later, but managed to complete two films with the replacement. I sent this story to his wife, Kathleen, who is interested in the court records.


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Posted by DThomas
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on Jun 1, 2010 at 11:57 am

I believe the name Cuela is not that of the kid whose heart disappeared for examination.
ALMANAC is editing this subject so fast, that it is difficult to keep up with the point of this being an odd and not well archived subject.