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Kepler’s Weekly Bestsellers 2/10/08

Original post made by Susan Lider, Menlo Park: Downtown, on Feb 11, 2008

Hardcover Fiction

1 People Of The Book, Geraldine Brooks

2 Appeal, John Grisham

3 Senator's Wife, Sue Miller

4 World Without End, Ken Follett

5 Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini

6 7th Heaven, James Patterson

7 Stranger In Paradise, Robert Parker

8 My Mistresss Sparrow Is Dead, Jeffrey Eugenides

9 Touchstone, Laurie R. King

10 Out Stealing Horses, Per Petterson

Hardcover Nonfiction

1 Staring At The Sun Overcoming, Irvin Yalom

2 Swimming In Open Water, Dominique Renda

3 In Defense Of Food An Eaters, Michael Pollan

4 Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan

5 Anatomist True Story Of Grays, Bill Hayes

6 Art Of Simple Food Notes Less, Alice Waters

7 Memo To The President Elect, Madeleine Albright

8 India Arriving How This Econo, Rafiq Dossani

9 Basic Brown My Life & Our Tim, Willie Brown

10 Musicophilia Tales Of Music & The Brain, Oliver Sacks

Paperback Fiction

1 Distant Land Of My Father, Bo Caldwell

2 After This, Alice Mcdermott

3 Old Filth, Jane Gardam

4 Water For Elephants, Sara Gruen

5 Idea Of Perfection, Kate Grenville

6 Digging To Amer, Anne Tyler

7 March, Geraldine Brooks

8 Road, Cormac Mccarthy

9 Gathering, Anne Enright

10 Pillars Of The Earth, Ken Follett

Paperback Nonfiction

1 3 Cups Of Tea 1 Man's Mission, Greg Mortenson

2 New Earth Awakening To Your Life's Purpose, Eckhart Tolle

3 Dreams From My Father A Story, Barack Obama

4 Omnivores Dilemma A Natural History of Four Meals, Michael Pollan

5 Eat Pray Love 1 Womans Search, Elizabeth Gilbert

6 Audacity Of Hope, Barack Obama

7 Mindset The New Psychology Of Success, Carol Dweck

8 Better A Surgeons Notes On Performance, Atul Gawande

9 Life & Times Of Thunderbolt Kid, Bill Bryson

10 Devil In The White City Murder, Magic, ..., Erik Larson