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Reality Check on Election Propaganda

Original post made by Cheryl Zaslawsky, Menlo Park: Downtown, on Oct 26, 2006

How ironic that the hit piece put out on October 24th by Duboc and Winkler’s group was titled “Sneak Attack”—that’s exactly what it was. And it’s not the first time these Council members have engaged in sneaky tactics—to give one example, they tried very hard to rush the ill-advised Bayfront golf course deal through to avoid public scrutiny. These Council members have tried again and again to sabotage due process to foist their agendas on the City. Now they are claiming that the union representing public school employees, nurses and janitors is out to gain control of Menlo Park. Huh?
In fact, these candidates have been oh so cozy with developers and are busy selling out the taxpayer’s interests at every opportunity. This is what privatization is really about.
I urge all residents who care about the quality of life in Menlo Park, who want our city to remain autonomous rather than handing over our city’s resouces to be managed by for-profit entrepreneurs, and who want a Council that is responsive to our community rather than one that tries to do end-runs around it, to vote for Heyward Robinson, Richard Cline and Vincent Bressler.


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