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Original post made by School Neighbors Coalition, Menlo Park: Central Menlo Park, on May 16, 2008

BUILDING THE TEACHING EDULCATION RESOURCE CENTER (TERC) AT THE ENCINAL CAMPUS.SCHOOL CREATES MAJOR IRREVERSIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS TO THE CITY OF MENLO PARK. The Problem The school district plan for Encinal includes building a new 11,800 square feet teaching education resource center or TERC at that site. Putting the TERC and its parking at Encinal will eliminate one acre or 30% of the remaining playing field on the10.13 acre campus. It will thereby render impractical any option to later convert Encinal if needed to a grade 5-8 middle school as it was prior to 1989. This precludes any possibility for two middle schools in the district in the future even as middle school enrollment is forecast to exceed 950 within six years. Meanwhile the district rents out its fifth campus to a private school which we subsidize while our children live with the consequences. The Result • Permanently overcrowded schools grossly exceeding state standards o $44M spent to build a1000 student middle school with student density twice state standards while national trend is toward smaller middle schools. It will be at capacity shortly after completion o No place to go as enrollment continues to increase in future. o Two elementary schools, Oak Knoll and Encinal with enrollments greater than 700 students – 175% of what superintendent admits is desirable. • Large increase in city traffic, pollution, and neighborhood on street parking at critical times of the day at Encinal and Hillview. o 200 additional cars dropping off and picking up students at Hillview, causing 400 additional cross town trips each school day. o A similar number of additional auto trips at Encinal School will worsen the traffic and parking congestion there exacerbated by the planned teaching resource center. By not taking advantage of its fifth campus (located in the area where 300 K–4 students reside) K-4 kids are forced to attend overcrowded schools often far from their residences. THE TERC SHOULD BE DELAYED UNTIL IT CAN BE LOCATED AT THE O'CONNOR CAMPUS. IN AUGUST OF 2007, WITH THE ENCINAL EIR IN FINAL REVIEW, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!