Town Square


Original post made by Elizabeth Lasensky, Menlo Park: Downtown, on Feb 15, 2007

Menlo Park is discussing whether or not to proceed with a Utility User Tax (UUT) that on a $200 utility bill would generate about $14 in taxes. According to the National Priorities Project (, the Iraq war has cost Menlo Park taxpayers $75.5 million – before the “surge” and before the impending war with Iran. That is $2,848 per taxpayer. At least 308 Californians have died while fighting in Iraq.

So what are our priorities? It saddens me that our hard earned tax dollars (and lives!) are being spent on a losing war in Iraq when we need money here to invest in schools and education, “green” our communities, improve transit and create alternatives to our oil addiction, provide health insurance and health care for our citizens, build affordable housing, and many other worthwhile projects.

Well, those are some of the ways I would spend that money. So how would you spend $75.5 million to better our community?


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