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Trust MP council to decide on playing fields

Original post made by Tom Gibboney, editor and publisher of The Almanac, on Oct 11, 2006

NOTE: This letter to the editor from Andy Kirkpatrick was printed in the Oct. 11 issue of the Almanac.

As a Menlo Park resident who thinks youth sports is an important part of life in our community, I believe Measure J is a positive step toward addressing our unacceptable field shortage.
While I don't claim to be a civil engineer who knows if it's feasible to build fields on the landfill at Bayfront Park (although many other towns have done it) and I am not part of the Menlo Park city staff that understands the details of how we will pay for it, I do trust our City Council to operate within the law to get these important questions answered.
The Almanac's Aug. 23 article "Six candidates running for city council" represents Measure J as asking voters if the city can spend $15 million to $17 million to build sports fields. I believe this is a misrepresentation of the measure that will misguide voters who are sensitive to our recent budget challenges.
It appears that the reporter didn't read the ballot text. While it is true that these are the preliminary estimates calculated by an outside, professional firm, the measure is specifically asking voters if the city can use 10 percent of the park space to build fields only after the necessary environmental, safety, and financial requirements have been met. It is a responsible and proactive approach to solving a major problem in our community.
Andy Kirkpatrick
Politzer Drive, Menlo Park
Little League Commissioner


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