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Atherton: The Sunset of WMD

Original post made by new start, Atherton: other, on Nov 28, 2012

Soon Atherton will have a newly formulated town council and none too soon. Meanwhile the noise level is increasing to an almost unbearable level, and unfortunately long term damage is occurring within the ongoing members of the new council and most definitely with the management team who are the fabric of making the town work. It is almost like seeing a train jump the tracks at Station Lane and crashing in a smoldering heap and seeing people staggering around injured and confused.
Atherton really should be a simple place to run given its size and residential nature.
The need now is to require the new council to leave the old baggage behind and start anew so that the citizens are represented and treated as they deserve. The new town manager should now be given the opportunity and respect to do his job. The town employees should be fairly compensated and not delivered a “pie in the face”.
Some tips taken from a blog on council governance.

• Listen to the your constituents ... all of them, whether you agree with them or not.
• Display empathy for the people in your community.
• Show them you are "hearing" them by responding to their concerns, both in person and in writing.
• Stay current with local issues as well as regional issues that might affect the city. Do your homework.
• Be willing to change your mind based on your ongoing "listening and learning" practices.
• Earn trust by being authentic.
• Speak calmly and courteously at council meetings to one another and to the public. Everyone deserves respect.
• As the voice of the people, be well informed. Do not use hearsay as testimony. Be a fact checker.
• Give room to one another to disagree, knowing that all council members intend the best for the greater good.
• Ask for help.
• Be a team player.
• Be willing to admit a mistake.
• Accept your public services as a privilege.


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Posted by POGO
a resident of Woodside: other
on Nov 28, 2012 at 6:39 am

new start -

Your "tips" are excellent.

Let's just hope they're listening.