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Supervisors to say "yes" to Stanford's offer of $10 million for trails

Original post made by Lovinda, another community, on Dec 26, 2011

Dear Supervisors Groom, Tissier, Jacobs Gibson, Pine, and Horsley,

Stanford’s offer to fund the research and planning is still “on the table” until December 31.
Wouldn’t it be easier to use their money, than to raise money?
Beyond the money, couldn't your time be better spent?

Remember, the County of San Mateo, you San Mateo County Supervisors,
are the final decision makers as to if and how to use the funds.

If, when the Environmental Impact Report and other design studies are done,
if the informed choice is "No," I will respect that.
To say “No” in advance of the research,
shows that the decision was made about something other than facts.
Pleasing a handful of constituents at the expense of millions,
although I'm sure your hearts were in the right place,
strikes me as irresponsible government.

Our current conundrum sits squarely on the shoulders of
Supervisors Groom, Tissier, and Jacobs Gibson.
Please, please find some way to revisit this topic before year-end.
Please take another poll, somehow, and say "Yes".
After all, it's still within your power to say "No"
if a workable solution cannot be found.

The favor of a reply will be much appreciated.