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Atherton Council: Please Ask Us!

Original post made by please ask, Atherton: other, on Dec 2, 2012

The November 28th Council Meeting provided an unusual insight into the closed meeting workings of the Council. At issue was the resolution before the Council on the compensation/benefit policy for ten town employees who are not represented by a collective bargaining union. The resolution was apparently revealed to the employees after their previous offers were rejected on November 19th, published on November 21st (the day before Thanksgiving) for vote on November 28th It was unanimously approved in closed session by the five Council Members. Aside from the resolution being defectively drawn, it was a very fast procedure after being presented to employees and, importantly as well, the town residents in less than a week.
In the discussions that preceded the vote it was clear the coalition of Widmer-Dobbie-McKeithen (aka WMD) were desperate to ram this through as this was McKeithens last meeting. Apparently Council Members Lewis and Carlson in response to public and employee outcry were having second thoughts. They then voted “yes” for the measure which will enable them to bring it back for reconsideration at the next council meeting in December.
Kathy McKeithen went on to say in her remarks that the resolution was actually aimed at the APOA and the pending contract negotiations with them this spring. They were the “elephant in the room” and in a typical McKeithen technique were vilified in spite of a reassuring and conciliatory statement by the head of the APOA that they were eager to work with the town on a fair and equitable contract. He also cautioned that the resolution affected three of the Police Department right now. The Police Chief, Lieutenant and training officer are not part of the union and that was the reason the APOA was so concerned now. He also cautioned that the Council needed to be careful with town employees as well as sworn officers in the APD as they risked losing experienced and trained employees to other agencies if not competitive.
The theme is saving money by council representatives as they claim there is an unsustainable financial condition with unfunded pension liabilities, too generous medical benefits, and a compensation misalignment with other towns and, more importantly, the private sector. The financial assumptions they make are not absolutely clear or detailed. As several past Mayors and speakers pointed out and the need for emergency action was not warranted in the face of an improved tax base and other revenue.
It is worth noting the WMD coalition was responsible for the Library in the Park project and that turned out to be a systemic lack of understanding and unwillingness to listen to the Atherton residents. The characteristics of this resolution and the speed of bringing it to a vote without adequate and meaningful public input are the same as their library project. The same claim that it has been thoroughly studied for many months and adequately vetted is reminiscent of the council library vote in which the council commenced work in the Park. There were then clear signs then of resident displeasure that ended up being close to 70% of the voters.
What is at stake in reality is the Town Council setting policy that will impact the future of governance for years to come. It will affect the future of the Atherton Police Department, the Town Center project and future library building. It even might test the need to question the need to maintain a town government for services easily managed by the county government.
Atherton residents should be asked a number of important questions right now about what they want in the way of town services and whether they are willing to pay for them. As Mr. Janz pointed out by letter in the meeting the Parcel Tax was created at the time of Proposition 13 has remained the same level for all these years in spite of inflationary costs. It is time to ask if the residents would pay more to fund our government or accept the winnowing away at the quality and possible turnover of town employees. They should be asked if they want to outsource the police department or accept a reduction in services provided.
However this is done by survey or vote is unimportant but the important thing is for the Council to ask us. A full explanation of town finances both spending and revenue projections is required as well as the continued remedy and possible increase of the Parcel Tax is needed.
Please ask us!


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Posted by Questions important
a resident of Atherton: other
on Dec 2, 2012 at 8:57 am

You continue to ignore getting residents a better deal on existing services, Point out to residents that:

1. Atherton makes the cops' pension contribution portion to CalPers in addition to Atherton's. The cities the APOA claims cops will flock to if compensation is cut don't do this.

2. Should cops be guaranteed free health care for life for them and their families after just one day on the job?

3. Should cops retire at 50, or should the age go up like it just went up to 60 in Sunnyvale (where cops have a much more dangerous job)?

4. Should cops make more than 70% of the cities in SMC, each city having more violent crime and risk to cops than Atherton?

Tell residents that Wiest and Lewis and Carlson think it's important to answer all of these questions (and more) in the cops' favor to maintain "morale" and then AND ONLY THEN ask them how much they want to pay.

The question of how much more are you willing to pay presupposes the deal is the best we can get and the only knob left to turn is a parcel tax. This is highly misleading. Council members REPRESENT RESIDENTS, not employees, and making sure resident taxes are as low as possible is what they are sworn to uphold.

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Posted by Peter Carpenter
a resident of Atherton: Lindenwood
on Dec 2, 2012 at 8:58 am

Peter Carpenter is a registered user.

"However this is done by survey or vote is unimportant but the important thing is for the Council to ask us."

Actually HOW a survey is done and exactly which questions are asked is VERY important. A poorly designed survey instrument which is not properly administered will producing nothing but confusion. This is why the Town should participate in the national Citizen Survey which is extremely well validated and which would allow the Town to compare its results with those of more than 500 other communities that have used the same survey.

Letter: Challenge for council to take citizen survey

Whoever is elected to the Atherton City Council, now is the time for our five elected representatives to set a new direction and standard of governance. We no longer want or can afford 3-2 votes and a divided and an uncivil council.

Our five elected representatives should seek unanimity on every issue that comes before them and demand unanimity on the important issues.

A superb place to start would be for the council to unanimously vote to participate in the National Citizen Survey, which has been widely tested in communities around the nation. The survey is a low-cost service for local governments. Tested, flexible, affordable, and efficient, the NCS would allow Atherton to survey citizen opinion for program planning, budgeting, goal-setting and performance measurement.

The council would select from a set of standard questions to assess citizen opinion about basic services and community life. Additional customized questions allow the council to tailor the survey to our unique needs.

Our elected officials can use the results to set spending priorities. The town manager can use the results to measure progress and chart future steps. Staff can use the results to improve service delivery.

The survey program includes three mailings to 1,200 randomly selected households, which include the pre-survey postcard and two mailings of the survey instrument. The margin of error (95 percent confidence interval) is low, no more than plus or minus five percent.

I am so convinced of the need for a new approach to our town governance that I will personally pay for the cost of participation in the National Citizens' Survey provided such participation is approved unanimously by our new City Council.

Peter Carpenter Larch Drive, Atherton

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Posted by Sworn to Uphold
a resident of Atherton: other
on Dec 2, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Questions -- you wrote-

"Council members REPRESENT RESIDENTS, not employees, and making sure resident taxes are as low as possible is what they are sworn to uphold."

That has not been the case. In the last decade the Council increased Taxes three time and had to issue refunds, because Tax increases have to be voted on by the residents.

What oath did those council members violate?

I do think Council Members can not "Misuse Public Funds" by law and can not use public funds for campaign reasons.

Posted by Name hidden
a resident of Menlo Park: Suburban Park/Lorelei Manor/Flood Park Triangle

on Sep 9, 2017 at 7:10 am

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