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Gray Lady Down

Original post made by Lincoln Steffens, another community, on Oct 2, 2013

Dean Baquet, Pulitzer Prize winner and managing editor of The New York Times, spoke at the HUB-Robeson Center at Penn State last night. He bemoaned the fact that the truth will die. He said

“It is not my fear that newspapers will die,” he said. “My only fear is that the craft of witnessing and reporting on the truth will die.”

Poor, poor New York Times. How used you must feel. It's like a tawdry Lifetime movie. After you carried liberal water for years, hired absolute partisan hacks like Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd gave them a bully pulpit to bark at the moon, NOW you worry about journalistic integrity? Really?

When you spilled national secrets and endangered your fellow citizens just to grab headlines, did you think people wouldn't remember?

When you actively campaigned for political candidates by emphasizing the negatives of their opponents and burying your candidates' failings did you think people wouldn't feel that the New York Times- a bastion of the press, an institution that our founding fathers felt was a watchdog of the people, didn't invalidate their votes by deliberately misinforming our citizens?

Here's the joke: the very INSTANT you finally notice that this particular emperor's new clothes are in fact an empty suit he's found other suitors.

Here's the facts: all of the previously-thought "unsinkable" mastheads that have gone into the tank are failing. The NYT, the LA TImes, MSNBC, and CNN. People are fed up with blatant liberal bias and distortions, prevarications and bald face lies in the press.

All of you liberal editors forgot that most people outside the 10% at either end of the spectrum are generally fair. They want to be able hear the facts and then decide for themselves what's what. Integrity lasts- popularity does not. Did you really think it would last?

The problem is that for better or worse you're stuck now. What are you going to do? Take out a full-page ad in your own rag saying that you've been partisan hacks for the last thirty years and now you get it, that you'll be better now? Beg all of your former middle of the road readers to come back? "Come home, baby, I'll be faithful. My thirty years with them meant nothing to me. I really loved you all along." Like a tawdry Lifetime move. Disgusting. Pathetic.


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Posted by Menlo Voter
a resident of Menlo Park: other
on Oct 2, 2013 at 7:26 pm

"People are fed up with blatant .... bias and distortions, prevarications and bald face lies in the press. "

You're right. That's why FOX's ratings are down as well. Or could it be because people are more and more getting their news on line? Inquiring minds....