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Michelle Rhees, Superman movie and DC cheating scandals

Original post made by False idols, Menlo Park: other, on Apr 13, 2013

The editors removed my post and closed the topic on the Superman movie, Woodside High School and Micelle Rhees place in the movie. It would have been nice if they would have posted the reason for deleting the post. Web Link

Michelle Rhees received a memo the same week whe was put on the cover of Time magazine. Rhees never adressed the memo. Web Link

"District of Columbia Public Schools officials have long maintained that a 2011 test-cheating scandal that generated two government probes was limited to one elementary school. But a newly uncovered confidential memo warns as far back as January 2009 that educator cheating on 2008 standardized tests could have been widespread, with 191 teachers in 70 schools "implicated in possible testing infractions."

The 2009 memo was written by an outside analyst, Fay "Sandy" Sanford, who had been invited by then-chancellor Michelle Rhee to examine students' irregular math and reading score gains. It was sent to Rhee's top deputy for accountability."

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Web Link

Despite these clear warnings of massive cheating, Rhees, with great public fanfare, awarded thousands of taxpayer dollars to the teachers and principals involved in the 'wrong to right' erasure scandals.

Can we stop overhyping this so-called educational hero, now? Please, no more fawning, gushing "Michelle Rhee is an inspiration ...go girl!" statements until she turns over all the hidden and 'lost' documents.


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Posted by POGO
a resident of Woodside: other
on Apr 13, 2013 at 2:32 pm

First, it's Michelle Rhee, not Michelle Rhees. Second, Ms. Rhee took over arguably the most corrupt and poorest performing school systems in the country. Third, Ms. Rhee has been gone from the Washington, DC school system for three years.

When a group that we agree with (the Justice Department, a hospital, a newspaper, the police, a political party, etc.) does something stupid, the usual response is that "it's just a small renegade group that is clearly not representative." And, if we support the larger entity, we forgive them and the controversy just goes away.

Similarly, when a group of clearly dishonest educators and teachers do the something as outrageous as changing test scores (and doing it openly at pizza parties), it should not discredit the merits of Ms. Rhee's initiative.

Our educational system leaves a lot to be desired. We spend more and more and get less and less. Instead of condemning Ms. Rhee, perhaps you should offer your own ideas to improve educational performance.

We should welcome new ideas, not look for reasons to discredit those trying to change the status quo.

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Posted by False idols
a resident of Menlo Park: other
on Apr 13, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Ms. Rhee was informed of massive cheating, by the investigator she hired, and did nothing, with the possible exception of hiding documents from other investigators ("Don't make hard copies and leave them around.") She continued with taxpayer funded cash awards to the cheaters, while burnishing her (we now know fraudulent) reputation.

Not discrediting those who try to change the status quo, only those that were part of conspiracy to defraud, and those who benefitted from it not seeing the light of day.

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Rhees fired 600 teachers for low performance, while awarding cash to teachers she knew cheated, making for higher test scores, thus making her falsely look quite the hero.