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Open Letter to all elected officials in San Mateo County.

Original post made by Michael G Stogner, another community, on Jul 1, 2013

Please take a position on this issue. Boundary Redistricting Committee.
April 22, 2013 I e-mailed the Supervisors and asked them to check their work of April 9, 2013 and correct it if it was not done properly. April 23, 2013 Matt Grocott and Greg Conlon spoke to the Supervisors where Mr. Grocott informed them they had not Motioned, 2nd, discussed, voted the Redistricting Committee properly and requested that they do so at a future meeting. They chose not to for some unknown reason, at the 6/15/13 meeting myself and Mr. Grocott spoke and publicly challenged the legal standing of the committee. At the 6/25/13 meeting Mr. Grocott and I again challenged the legal standing of this committee and he stated that he was taking this issue to the Civil Grand Jury.
This is a very simple issue, once a mistake was brought to the 5 Supervisors attention, all they had to do was put it on the next meetings agenda and do it right, instead they (Don Horsley, Adrienne Tissier, Carole Groom, Dave Pine, Warren Slocum) have put the taxpayer at financial risk by changing the minutes. Taxpayers have already paid over $1,000,000 on this lawsuit that was politely promised and could have been avoided back in 2010.

Elected Officials speak up tell the Supervisors to do the right thing, fix this and start over.


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