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By Paul Bendix

Bike Perils

Uploaded: Nov 20, 2013

In recent months my wife and I have seen two bicycle accidents kill or injure people close to us. Monday's collision on Marsh Road involved our next-door neighbor. How can this be happening? Isn't there some way to prevent these accidents?

Bicyclists bring a passion to their commute. With zero carbon footprint and minimal road use, they offer a bold alternative. Bicyclists also face a bold challenge. They are exposed to the vagaries of traffic, unprotected by bumpers or airbags. Their commute demands high alertness.

It also demands cooperation from motorists. When cars and bikes mix "we're all in this together."

Still, it's a perilous journey. I get a sense of this riding a wheelchair downtown. Is the stop sign on Menlo Avenue really optional?

Those of us on the Caltrain Advisory Committee regularly hear from bicyclists. Bike commuters want a place on the road...and on the train. They want a piece of the future. They are the future. Spend five minutes in Holland, and you'll get the idea.

If the regional nonprofit TransForm can find Safe Routes to Schools in troubled Oakland, surely we can find safe routes to work in Menlo Park. Meanwhile, we pray for our neighbor.